We use to gift our friends and loved ones with something exceptional or unexpected present on special occasions like marriage, birthday, anniversary, farewell, reunion etc. These special gifts adds to the joy of the occasion. So, why not think of a one-of-a-kind, heartfelt gift that will leave an indelible impression on the recipient? A Pencil Drawing or Sketch Portrait would make a wonderful gift that is heartfelt and memorable. Photographs used to be a unique present, but they are now rather ubiquitous. So, why not try a portrait-style modification? Portraits are distinctive in that they are startling. Going vintage in this era of digital photos and ornate frames would be unexpected and surprising.

If you're still in a dilemma about giving a portrait as a present, here are some reasons why it's a superior option.
  • A Memorable Experience

    If you're considering giving a pencil-drawn sketch portrait as a surprise gift, make sure it's an image that holds a special place in the recipient's heart. Choose a photo of a moment that makes them feel overwhelmed and that they would want to keep forever. In this sense, the portrait drawing would add to the allure of the photograph's caught moment. The timeless touch of art stays evergreen, no matter how digital things have become in this current world.
  • An Unforgettable Moment

    As we all know, when someone provides a special present or surprises to us, it creates a special moment in our heart. However, when such a fantastic gift is given, the reaction and waves of delight and emotions in the receiver's heart produce a more remarkable and heart-touching moment. These are the kinds of moments that stick with you forever.
  • A Unique Present

    Portraits used to be a popular gift in the ancient world, but now only artists consider them. Now that digital photography is so every day, hardly one thinks of a portrait. That is how a portrait can be a one-of-a-kind present.
  • No Age or Gender Barriers

    A pencil sketch portrait is not a present for men or women. Instead, it's a common gift that will last a lifetime and never lose its allure. No matter who you give it to, a portrait will be treasured by everybody and will be remembered for a lifetime.
  • Discover something new

    "Think Different," as Apple's creator Steve Jobs said . This notion applies to both the art of gifting and the art of making things. Why to gift an everyday item to your loved ones when you can offer them something remarkable and unique that will last a lifetime? Don't just give a present, give an emotion! Arts reflect a sentiment.
  • Art evokes emotions

    Do you get excited about receiving gifts because they make you joyful, motivated, or curious? Of course, they do, but most presents only hold their value for a few days or weeks before the recipient loses interest. When a receiver sees their sketch, they will feel the same emotion they did when they first saw it. This emotion will remind them of the unique and long-lasting gift.

Why are handmade drawing gifts so unique?

Isn't it going to be fantastic when your friends, family, children, or partner unwraps the wrap and discovers their sketch or portrait, beautifully framed? Consider the pleased expression on their faces, and who knows; they might even shed tears of joy!

The skilled artisans who love to give their sketches a new life via their hands create personalised handmade sketch presents with the highest care and passion. We, the Fabus Frames team, utilise high-quality sheets, very dark and many hues of pencils, and play with colours on the page to produce a stunning outcome that will be treasured for a lifetime. They will always make your loved one recall you at the sight of the gift, especially if they are framed with unique frame designs and set in a lovely location of the house.

A pencil sketch portrait would be colourless, but it would have a new meaning if we tried to change our perspective. The pencil represents art, and the colour represents the memory that the portrait will evoke. The colour of pleasure and love would enhance the beauty of a pencil portrait. Isn't it also a timeless and attractive gift? So, the next time you're thinking of presenting a unique and heartfelt gift that will stay in the recipient's memory forever and remind them of you, get them a pencil sketch portrait and see how overwhelmed they will be.

Why compromise for conventional, limited presents when you can personalise them with our hand-drawn pencil sketch portrait? We understand that owing to your busy schedule and lack of adequate materials, it is not always possible for you to make handcrafted gifts on your own. On the other hand, your loved ones should not be denied the incredible sensations that come with a pencil sketch present. Choosing Fabus Frames will provide you with the most pleasing user experience and a beautiful selection of pencil drawing gifts.