We always wish to express our feelings, love, care and gratitude towards our loved ones. But how often do we express our hearts out? Very little. Only a few of us truly express what we feel. So why not make these times more special?

Occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and valentine’s day hold a special place in the life of those who understand the importance of expressing emotions. They know although love is not dependent on any special day, still, on some days, they have to make some extra effort to celebrate the beautiful bond they share with their partner.

Here we are to help you show love and depict the special bond through amazing surprise gift ideas- Fabus Frames. Fabus Frames revive your delightful memories in colourful and artistic frames. We draw and paint your emotions and present them before your loved ones. Here are some of the unique frames to gift and surprise your loving husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or someone special-
  • Ball pen drawing: Can you imagine that the pen you hold in your hand every time can work wonders and surprise your partner like anything? Yes, it does. Fabus Frames make that happen. Just send the most favourite picture of your partner and set back. They will be amazed to see the beautiful photograph with ball pen drawing and appreciate your love for them.
  • Watercolour drawing: Who doesn’t like colours? Guess, no one. So why not fill some more colours in your precious moments? If you are planning to propose to her, you can present a watercolour drawing frame with a picture of your best memory. It can be anything- your first date, tea party, picnic, movie memory etc. She will feel so delighted!
  • Acrylic painting: It is a water-based fast-drying painting. You can place your order for these attractive acrylic paintings. It can be drawn in many styles like a loveable quote, a proposal, a beautiful wish or a favourite picture of both of you. How about having a big frame for your drawing room? Isn’t it an astonishing idea? Yes, probably it is.
  • Digital Photo to art: Nowadays, every moment is captured digitally on mobile phones. Still, it doesn’t give that warmth a physical photo gives. But thanks to digital photo art technology. It is a high-quality fade-proof design. The pictures might get deleted from the phone memory, but photo art will last forever. These are printed on a high-quality matte sheet and laminated to protect from dust and dirt.
  • Pencil Drawing: The art of pencil drawing is never out of fashion. Keeping this concept alive, Fabus Frames draws pictures into pencil-drawn portraits. It is done by expert artists and it is assured, you won’t regret it. The paper used in these portraits is an acid-free ivory sheet. This prevents the picture-fading. You can revive and cherish your golden moments. Get your love portrayed with this amazing pencil drawing and give a surprise gift to your loved ones.

Fabus Frames serves you with the best quality of frames of your choice. You can surprise your beloved with a variety of art frames with the precious moments incarnated on them. Place your order and relax. You will be surprised with the best gifts ever.