Dive into the heart of Jaipur's artistic heritage, where tradition meets contemporary elegance, creating a tapestry of visual narratives waiting to be explored. Fabus Frame emerges as a sanctuary for the city's sketch artists, offering a platform where the rich colours and intricate designs of Jaipur are transformed into breathtaking sketches and paintings. Our purpose is clear: to illuminate the work of Jaipur's most talented artists, bringing their masterpieces into the living spaces of those who cherish genuine, handcrafted art.

The Essence of Choosing Handcrafted Art

In a world rapidly digitising, the timeless charm of a handcrafted sketch or painting becomes a rare treasure. Here are compelling reasons to choose these art forms:

- Authentic Connection

Connect with the essence of Jaipur through art that tells the tale of its heritage and beauty.

- Exclusive Creations

Every piece is as unique as the vibrant streets of Jaipur, offering exclusivity in its truest form.

- Soulful Investments

By choosing handcrafted, you invest in a story, a tradition, and the heartfelt dedication of an artist.

Fabus Frame A Catalyst for Artistic Dreams

At Fabus Frame, we're more than a platform; we're a community that breathes life into the dreams of local artists. Here's how we make a difference:

- Spotlight on Local Talent

We’re passionate about bringing the hidden gems of Jaipur's art scene to the forefront.

- Empowering Artists

Providing essential resources, support, and exposure to help artists thrive.

- Creating Connections

Through exhibitions, workshops, and digital showcases, we build bridges between artists and art aficionados.

Art as a Gift and Beyond the Ordinary

Choosing a piece of art from Fabus Frame as a gift is to offer a slice of Jaipur's soul:

- Emotive Impact

Each artwork is imbued with emotions and stories, making gifts that resonate on a deeper level.

- Lasting Memories

Unlike fleeting gifts, the art of Jaipur immortalises moments and memories in strokes and colours.

Shop Authentic Art with Fabus Frame & Jaipur Artist

Embark on a journey through the alleys of creativity with Fabus Frame, where each sketch and painting is a homage to Jaipur's artistic legacy. Our collection promises:

- Diversity in Expression

From traditional motifs to modern interpretations, find art that speaks to you.

- Direct Support to Artists

Your purchase directly benefits the artists, encouraging their craft and livelihood.

- Guaranteed Authenticity

Experience the genuine spirit of Jaipur with every piece certified for its authenticity and craftsmanship.


Fabus Frame stands at the crossroads of tradition and modernity, proudly advocating for the sketch artists of Jaipur. By choosing Fabus Frame, you not only adorn your spaces with beauty but also support the vibrant community of artists who keep the city's artistic flame alive. Discover the art that resonates with the heart of Jaipur, and let's celebrate the rich tapestry of creativity and passion that defines this city. Join us in this artistic voyage with Fabus Frame—where every sketch tells a story, and every purchase supports a dream.