Whether going to a birthday party or buying a gift for your kid, it is not easy to find the perfect gift for them. You need to understand their likes-dislikes, their favourite cartoon characters, favourite colours, dreams etc. Children love receiving gifts and when it is of their choice, it is like a cherry on the top of a cake.

But when it comes to choosing the present for a girl kid, you will have a wide variety of gifts like toys, clothing styles, hair accessories and many more. So if you are looking for a gift for a girl in India, you have come to the right page. Here, you will find many suggestions for baby girl gifts and other kids too. Let’s get started.


Styling Toy Kit for Girls

This beautiful cosmetic and makeup toy kit is a multi-coloured backpack for your little angel. It is her styling suitcase. You will see the joy and happiness on her face. It has enough space for all the toy stylers. It is easy to carry. Little girls love to role-play and mimic their moms. This kit will be a perfect gift for her. It is available on amazon.

2. Toy Musical Swing

Swing! Every kid enjoys it. It would be a lovely birthday gift for your baby girl. The musical swing will double the joy of the little princess. She will laugh, giggle and sing with every flow of swing. This gift is suitable for kids of the age group 6 months to 3 years.

3. Tea Party Set

Your Baby Girl likes to play and party with her friends. Why not organize a small gathering for her? Ask her to role play and host a tea party. This Tea party set will add joy to her gala. You can give her a musical tea set also. Buy this cute birthday gift for your baby girl on amazon now.

4. 3D Jigsaw Puzzle

Children love to assemble things. This helps in mental growth. If you are not sure what to present a kid on his birthday, then this will work wonders. This is the best birthday gift for kids- both boys and girls. It is a 3D puzzle with animals, alphabets etc. figures on it.

5. Finger Painting Kit

Colours, paints, sparkles- children draw out their imagination with beautiful colours. Colours are part and parcel of childhood. But they start painting anywhere- on walls, doors, tables and where not. Here is the solution. Gift them this beautiful finger painting kit. It has washable and kid-friendly colours, with pots and paper sheets. It is suitable for children of 3 years and above age.

6. Princess Castle Play Tent

Buy this beautiful Princess Castle Play Tent for your baby girl. She will love it. Her little corner, where she can play, rest, enjoy with her friends and live her dream of a princess. It is a beautiful tent with lights- the best birthday gift for a baby girl. 

7. Camera Shaped Bubble Machine

Babies have a special love for water and soap bubbles. Camera shaped bubble machine will surprise your baby doll. Moreover, you don’t need to spend extra on bubble solutions. Just put the batteries and bubbles ready. Rainbow beautiful colour combinations will add more colours of joy to little one’s playtime.

8. 11-in-1 Activity Set Box

As a parent, you always want your kid to enhance their learning. This activity box is a boon for your kiddo. It is the best birthday gift for children. They can make puzzles, read stories of Indian culture, play board games, draw paintings and do so many other activities. All these in just one magic box.

All these unique birthday gifts are easily available on amazon. Place your order now. Surprise your little princess with these amazing surprise gifts. Spend some quality time with her and travel to her dream world. Go and Enjoy!


1. What is the best birthday gift for a baby girl?
Ans. All of the above-mentioned gifts are best. Pick any of these and place your order.

2. Which is the best birthday gift?
Ans. Toys, accessories, games etc. There are plenty of them.

3. What do 4 years olds like to play?
Ans. They like to play board games, do creativity, painting, read storybooks etc.