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3 Best Corporate Gifts Ideas for Employees & Clients | Portrait as a Corporate Gift

Planning to give a unique portrait as a corporate gift?  You are at the right place to make your bond special with your employees & clients.

Employees & clients are very important for every corporate industry. And making them feel valued and special brings a lot to the table. You must have googled numerous sites to find the perfect portrait but not sure whether it is good enough, is it? Well, Fabus frames have some perfect solutions for getting the memorable portrait as a corporate gift for clients and employees.

Pencil drawing

Have you ever thought of surprising your client with a beautiful pencil drawing? Pencil drawings look very impressive and elegant. Everyone appreciates a personalized gift as it makes them feel loved.

Fabus frames help you to get that perfect pencil drawing to give to your clients & employees which will be an amazing gift. This pencil drawing is created by talented & exceptional artists

personalized photo gift ideas

The pencil drawings are created on ivory sheets that keep the portrait long-lasting. Apart from this, the drawings are protracted with the matte lamination that keeps it safe from moisture, dirt & dust. These features makes us unique and creative.

So what could be the better option to gift this portrait as a corporate gift and make your client feel wonderful. 

Digital photo to art

No one can deny the beauty of artistic photos. When it comes to cherishing old memories you always crave having those well-spent moments captured in a  beautiful photograph. It’s so wonderful to gift your employee a digital photo of the art and make him/her live his/her beautiful memories again with a picture painting.

A family portrait painting created with love is the best corporate gift you can present.

Digital photo to art is an exclusive and memorable gift that makes you remember your precious moments for many years.

Digital photo to art

Employees are always keen to have motivating feedback from their boss. You can appreciate and make their day with this classic digital photo to art gift. 

Convert photo to the canvas with the amazing Fabus frames site that is the best place to design your ordinary pictures into a fabulous portrait.

These portraits are designed on high-quality photo paper that does not fade and remains the same for many years.

Their high-quality laminated matte sheet protects the photo from dirt and dust. You can easily clean the portrait in the future without having any second thought.

So grab the highly recommended portrait for your employees. And let them know that their efforts and hard work for your business matter.

Watercolor painting

Isn’t it magnificent to get an old and traditional portrait to gift your employees? 

Every employee dreams to work with a company where their works get applauded. Watercolor paintings by Fabus frames help you to shower your love towards your employees in a wonderful way. 

Turn a photo into a watercolor canvas and let your corporate company cherish the beautiful gift for so many years. 

Watercolor paintings are the oldest painting methods in the world. Compared to acrylic paintings/ oil paintings are cost-effective.

A family portrait painting designed in a unique watercolor painting is the best option as a corporate gift. Isn’t it?

It’s very necessary to make your employee & client feel happy and important as they are the pillars of your business.

Apart from this, you can go with some ideas of color splash photography images, photo to canvas oil painting, oil paintings from a photo or convert a photo to painting.

So get the best portrait idea mentioned above and make the moments count. As gifts are the best way to express our gratitude.

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What are the best corporate gifts ideas for employees & client?

 There are so many amazing corporate gift ideas for employees. Start with deciding your budget. Though it’s always good to gift someone according to their likings and personality. Here are some well-researched gift ideas for your employees. such as:-
Journals and notepads
Pen sets
Tech accessories
Office essentials
Personalized gifts
Eco-friendly gifts
Self-care products
Desk accessories
Stress relievers
Portable charger
Bluetooth device.
Self-heating mugs
Custom bottle

How do I find a unique corporate gift?

To find a unique corporate gift idea, prepare a list of the likings and the requirements of your employee. Gifts are always admirable if given according to other’s personalities and wants. Get them some personalized things that can be useful for their routine.

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