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A Photo Frame Gift to Capture Those Precious Moments

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With Diwali around the corner, what better gift can you present your brother than a beautiful photo frame? He will be overjoyed at the trouble you took to give him a photo frame gift so special –one that clearly brings out your creativity and could well adorn any wall of his home. 

Like this idea? Then, perhaps you would like to choose from one of the following:

Pencil Drawing–A Moment to Recall

Your brother has been your friend and protector through life. So, when you present him a pencil portrait, ensure that it is a throwback to the days gone by. If your photo frame gift is done sensitively, he will surely love it and give it pride of place in his home or office. 

If you have grown up in a village or frequent one, you could illustrate scenes of village life that you have experienced together. If you have had an urban childhood, pick important scenes from your lives and allow it to tell its own story–one without words.

The reigning emotions in such portraits will steal anyone’s hearts, so begin this Diwali and gift pencil drawing portraits to your family and close friends.  

Watercolor Drawing

When was the last time you had to give a very special gift to a close friend but didn’t know what to give? Here you are, with an inborn talent that’s almost untapped and you wonder what to present to a close friend? 

Tap into your own talent of watercolor drawing and create a very special drawing that your friend is going to love. Personalize it so that it always remains precious to your friend and is unique among all his gifts. If you set it in an engraved photo frame, your photo frame gift could make the perfect wedding present. 

You can even autograph it to show its authenticity and your closeness to the recipient. Who knows how far this one effort can take you professionally?

But this isn’t all. There’s one more option I would like to discuss with you.

Digital to Photo Art

Ever since digital cameras became the rage, photographs are being used less and less. This makes photo albums highly irrelevant, so few people gift them anymore. Now, people upload them to their favorite social media sites where everyone can see them.

However, there are those who like to have photos at home, particularly of events like their weddings. So, to them a photo frame gift means a lot.  They pick out their favorite shots and put it on a wall where everyone can see and appreciate it. 

For them, a nicely done themed photo frame makes the work of art extremely special. Such photos can also be kept as special memories of a beautiful day gone by and displayed for years and years. 

If you’re particular about the kind of photo frame gift you’d like to set your photos in, look out for autograph wedding frames which the bride and groom can sign, along with their thoughts and expressions. 

If you are artistic and want to create a line of photo-based gifts, don;t restrict yourself to photo frames. You can also include photo trinket boxes, or themed gift albums or any other. By looking around, you can develop an interesting line of products with which you can start your ecommerce store. 


Artistic or handmade gifts like photo frame gifts go a much longer way than chocolates or flowers whose shelf life is short. You can keep photo frames with beautifully handcrafted designs for generations and people will still wow them.

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