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Looking for the Best Pencil Sketch Shop Near You?

Are you looking for a Pencil sketch shop near you to commemorate a particular occasion such as a Birthday, Wedding anniversary, Valentine’s day, or any other important day in your loved ones’ lives? Well, you have reached the right place! A pencil sketch painting is unique as it is done according to your specific preferences. It can also be altered according to your wishes. Before beginning the hand-drawn pencil sketching process, the user’s inputs are carefully evaluated. A lovely hand-drawn pencil sketch of your loved ones will add to the pleasure of their special day. Furthermore, he is considerably more precious than the valuable presents you can get from or shop.

The One Stop Solution for Your Portrait Painting Needs:

Fabus Frames is one of Kerala’s best pencil sketch shops and is based out of Kanhangad city in Kasargod. Fabus Frames is made up of a talented group of realist artists. As a result, regardless of how complex or thorough your idea needs to be depicted, the team is fully prepared to fulfill your art order requirement. We pay close attention to every detail of your sketching requirements and produce the best possible work of portrait art for you.

The Secret to Our Long-Lasting Sketch

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The handmade pencil drawings you receive will last with you for a very long time. The secret behind the endurance of the painting lies in the paper used for drawing. Ivory sheet is used for drawing paper and is free of acid. Therefore, you don’t have to face the problems of gradual colors fading over time. The paintings shipped are protected with matte laminations, which is capable of protecting the artwork from moisture, dust, and dirt particles.

Skilled and Experienced Artists 

The artists are experts in pencil drawing at such an advanced level that they can create the drawing without using any lines or grids on the paper. The expertise and skills gathered over the years have made them masters in freehand drawing techniques.

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Another interesting add-on to your painting package is that it also includes an option to include the video of the entire drawing delivered to you. This is indeed a pleasant surprise for the recipient of the painting gift. The painting is framed before the final delivery procedure with ¾ or 1 Inch black frame with a wall hook along with a table stand. Premium gift wrap is used for packing to make the gift unboxing a memorable experience.

Worldwide Shipping for a Swift Delivery  

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Our services are available with worldwide shipping option. We deliver the drawing with frame at your doorsteps in roughly 6 -12 days after placing the order. In addition, if you need something sooner, you can ask us about early shipment options before placing your order. Please contact us in WhatsApp if you require urgent delivery or delivery within a specific time frame.

Our Simple Return Policy

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Only once you approve the design will it be framed and mailed. Cancellation of an order is not possible once it has been placed.

Privacy, For Your Utmost Peace of Mind

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We also have stringent policy and security measures in place to prevent your photographs/work photos from being uploaded or shared without your authorization on any social media platform. You can peacefully leave your pencil drawing work with us and we will take care of the rest.

Get in touch with us!

Why wait anymore from having that perfect gift to your loved one? Drop us a message below at our whatsapp contact. We are eagerly waiting to create a beautiful portrait painting for you at best prices!

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