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The Best Love Gifts 2022

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Are you looking for new love gifts because roses are boring? Let us break the cliche gifting rituals. In 2022, the young generation, or what we call ‘millenials’ are cancelling the gifting industry. Mass produced soft toys and printed cards are no more acceptable presents.

With access to everything just a click away, the quality of gifts is degrading. It is hard to find gifting ideas that aren’t already taken. Plus, we have a budget to meet. Let us help you with new gift ideas which will be-friend your pockets and leave your partner in awe!

Ball pen drawing

Impress your partner by choosing a unique idea as a romantic gift for your wife. This year for Valentine’s Day or your anniversary, make her a personalised gift. Get a ball pen drawing made of one of her favorite pictures and frame it in your drawing room. When she comes home from work, she is going to be speechless!

Personal touch to any greeting or gift can change the course of any relationship. The key is not just to buy loving gifts but to make them touch their heart. Add a note with the present which she’ll know can come only from you. Do not shy away from adding nicknames or personal jokes. If you can make your partner laugh, then they will never forget the gift.

Water color drawing

Whether you are looking for cute love gifts to get your girlfriend or gifts of love to propose,  you can never go wrong with a watercolor drawing. It can be a photo of you two on the beach or a quote that they admire. Or you can go with the classic, “Will you marry me?” on the frame.

Best  Love Gifts

Blow their mind with a surprise that they won’t anticipate. Sneak it into their locker or ask a coworker to give it as a courier that just arrived. Have someone record their reaction so it will become a memory of a lifetime.

 Acrylic painting

For all the women out there who are looking for simple, cute love gifts to get your boyfriend, try acrylic painting. Make a card and paint something between the folds. Research on different card-making styles and use crafting paper to make your design pop.

cute love gifts

To spice birthdays or Christmas presents, you can place the frame as a tray during dinner. Serve the eggnog, serve the present. Because the art of presenting makes the gift memorable.

I know what you are thinking, so let me clear your doubts. It is okay if you are not a great artist. What matters is that you created something for them, thinking of them. It will be a great romantic gift for husband or wife, and they will feel lucky to have you. But if you still have reservations on those doubts, you can always order a beautiful personalised frame from Fabus Frames.

We will paint any photo you want and frame it. The colors will look surreal, quality art from in-house artists who paint for passion. From a pencil drawing to watercolor drawing, we got you covered! Our paintings will surely make your loved ones smile.

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