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Make Your Memories Last With Handmade Portrait Gifts

A gift itself is a priceless commodity. If you add a personal touch and give a handmade gift to someone, it adds an ever-lasting effect for them. Where a camera captures the beauty of any memory, handmade gifts like beautiful portrait sketches can capture even the minute emotion of a person in that memory. It reflects reality of that sweet moment spent together, adding an essence of preciousness to the relationship. 

Here at Fabus Frames, we bring handmade portrait gifts to your doorstep with just a few clicks. Whether you want to gift your family, friends, or colleagues, we deliver as per your choice with a personalized touch according to your relationship. We provide fast and flexible service at your convenience to the ones you value in life. A personalized painting gift not only keeps the memories alive forever but also delivers a homely feel and support to your loved ones. We provide you the services of the exceptionally talented artists, where they have showcased their fine artworks of handmade paintings. The exemplary strokes presented by them leave you in awe of their work. 

Have you been in search of a unique gift for your loved ones, or have you ever forgotten/ missed a special occasion with your kins? Do not worry! Flowers are forever good presents for many but gifting a handmade portrait at such times makes it all forgiven. It makes your feelings and emotions shine through them. 

Are your employer or a colleague not happy with you for some reason, and do you want to start afresh with them? Surprise them with a handmade portrait gift and refresh your good times spent with them. It will ignite a positive stream of emotions in them and will help you establish a good rapport.

We bring you a variety of creative handmade portrait gifts such as Pencil Drawing, Acrylic Handmade Portrait, Watercolor Drawing, and Digital Photo to Art within an affordable budget range.

Personalized Handmade Portrait Gifts: Pencil Drawing

Want a simple sketch to reflect your feelings? Gift a customized Pencil Drawing to your adored ones. Keep your happy moments alive with this piece of beauty that never fades with time just like the memories. 

Gift A Custom Handmade Painting: Acrylic Painting

Do you wish to give a simple but colorful portrait? We present you with the Acrylic Handmade Portraits to portray your memory through colors. Give your living room a serene look or your bedroom a cozy look with this magnificent artwork. 

Acrylic Handmade Portrait - Fabus Frames

Personalized Painting Gift: Watercolor Drawing 

Is it that you desire to gift a personalized painting with a water effect? Look through our Watercolor Drawings that have already been delivered to our customers. Reminisce your past through them and bring a nostalgic smile on the faces of your dear ones.

Gift A Custom Handmade Painting

Portrait Gift Ideas: Digital Photo to Art  

Are you a person who wants to keep the gift personal but modern too with a digital effect? Hola fellas! We have this option for you with the Digital Photo to Art. Have the joy of both the worlds, i.e., camera and smartphones, with this product you get to cherish your moments in a physical copy with dust of art technology.  

Painting for Loved Ones: Ball-Pen Drawing

Aren’t there times in life when you are sitting with a pen and paper to express your feelings to your kins and friends, but can’t write a lot of words? No worries! Surprise them with a letter with fewer words, along with the Ball-Pen Drawing to give a special and elegant feel to it.

personality gift | surprise gift for girl friend

Choose what fits your desire, and we will fulfill your wish. 

Beautiful, personalized, memorable gifts for you to add a personal effect to your presents. Join our little Fabus Frames family and Strengthen your relationship with your kins, friends, and colleagues, making your memories eternal.

Your Choice of Art, Delivery from Us Never Barred!

Need More Details? You can chat with Fabus Frames customer executive on WhatsApp.  

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