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Top 5 Handmade Painting Trends to Look Out for In 2022

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Giving gifts to family and friends is an emotion; it strengthens our connection with them and communicates our feelings and gratitude for them. If you love to appreciate loved ones, you should put your hands on beautiful handmade paintings. Here are a few portrait painting trends for 2022 that everyone will love to gift. The best part about art is that it is timeless and evokes beautiful feelings and emotions.

Do you know that giving a gift to someone provides a psychological lift to both the receiver and giver of the gift? It triggers the release of endorphins ( a happy hormone) into the brain. And the happiness doubles if the gift is personal and artistic. Art conveys unique feelings like love, joy, pride, and peace and makes the person time travel. Gifting is evolving, and people are choosing hand paintings over other options. According to a report, the global personalized gifts market was valued at about 23.5 billion U. S dollars in 2019. And the market size is projected to grow to 34.3 billion U. S dollars by 2026.

With increasing love for art, purchasing power, and evolving technology, the gifts are delivered at the doorstep. These factors contribute to the increased demand for gifts or hand painting art.  There are new emerging trends in handmade paintings, as people are exploring various options, from couple portraits to family portraits to memorial painting ideas. Let us now look at the top 5 handmade painting trends that can enhance the gifting experience.

Top 5 Portrait Painting Trends for 2022

1. Custom Family Portraits

custome family portrait

Family is everything; the rest is secondary. Family and friends are the true treasures of life, and the memories we make with them are forever. And you can make those memories come alive through memorial painting ideas such as custom family painting. You can have your family’s tremendous handmade wall painting even by incorporating a lost loved one in family pictures. Isn’t it beautiful and an emotional feeling. Custom memorial portraits are one of the leading craft trends in handmade painting. The hand painting art will surely enhance your drawing room’s look and feel, giving it warmth.

2. Custom Couple Portraits

Custom Couple Portraits

Falling in love, being in love, and promising to be together forever is a feeling that surpasses all other emotions. Capture all the mesmerizing moments of your love in incredible custom memorial drawings and portraits. Your partner is a special person in your life; seeing them smile makes you happy. Let your love blossom with each passing year and relive the moments that brought you together in the form of handmade wall paintings. Surprise your sweetheart with one of the heart-touching custom couple portraits. Custome couple portraits are one of the leading handmade painting trends.

3. Custom Baby Portraits

Handmade Portrait Gifts Custom Baby Portraits

Babies are a blessing of God, and they make the bond of a couple stronger than before. They provide an entirely new world and experience to their parents, making them joyful and feeling gratitude for family life. You can freeze those innocent and beautiful moments of babies in handmade paintings. You can have custom handmade paintings online at any time that too delivered to your doorstep. Many people prefer to have custom baby portraits as a gift for their first birthday. Babies can admire and cherish those beautiful moments when they grow up through fantastic hand painting art.

4. Old Photos to Portraits

Opting for old photos for portraits is excellent if you want to cherish your grandparents, parents, and loved ones. There might be old shaded photos or some of them torn and lying in cupboards or storerooms. You can make them come alive through mesmerizing custom portraits from multiple photos. And you can grace your drawing room with a handmade wall painting from old photos to portraits.

5. Compilation Portraits

incorporating a lost loved one in pictures

A compilation portrait or merged portrait is nothing but merging the different photos into a single photo through diligent hand strokes of artists. If you miss someone or want a special person to be part of your memories forever, capturing them in compilation portraits is terrific. You can have an outstanding family portrait from multiple photos to capture all those beautiful faces in one single frame. You can have a look at all of them in one single glace, no matter how far they are.


The top five handmade painting trends mentioned above are here to stay beyond 2022. You just need to send your digital photos or old photos. The artists will make them come alive, whether it is any special celebration or moment; you can give these incredible custom handmade paintings to your loved ones as a gift to cherish them for a lifetime.

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