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Incredible Ways to Gift A Custom Handmade Painting to Wow Loved Ones

A custom handmade painting displays the beautiful creativity and emotional feelings of the giver of the gift. It is an incredible form of art that is timeless, and its value increases over time. There is no better gift to express your feelings to the dearest people in your life than a handmade portrait painting. The artists capture the beautiful moments and convert them into everlasting memories through custom portrait paintings.

Personalisation is the key, as you can get the best portrait gift that is handmade according to your choice and special instructions that the artisans bring to life through personalised portrait gifts. As you have decided to gift a custom handmade painting for loved ones, the next thing that creeps into your mind is, how can I present a painting as a gift. How can I make the entire gift-making process worth remembering and most memorable? The reaction you see on the face of your loved one while receiving the gift will be priceless. Making it unique can make the customised portrait more appealing and give an emotional feeling.

Here are a few ways to make the entire gifting process an exclusive event to remember.

Different Ways Through Which You Can Gift A Custom Handmade Painting

The value of a gift increases many folds the way you gift it. It adds more value to your portrait gift ideas, as it expresses your feelings and emotions on the special day of a loved one. Presenting the gift is as important as the gift itself. Let us now uncover the fantastic ways to gift a custom portrait painting.

1. Make Them Hunt the Gift

Surprise gift ideas for him

Now that you have planned and wish to surprise your special person with a custom handmade painting make the experience more fun and memorable. Create clues for the surprise gift, aka customised portrait from one destination to another. The final clue will lead to the place where the gift lies. This way, you create a fantastic experience, and when they open the gift, the excitement on their face will be unmatched on receiving a personalised painting gift. 

2. Make Them Guess

You can boost their creativity by asking them some riddles, to which they have to guess the answers. The answer for the riddle should be – either a gift’s destination clue or a hint about the gift. This gifting experience will surely make the process unforgettable.

3. A Special Message

In a jar, put cards with different words written on them. They should remove all the cards and make sentences out of them. The idea here is to convey a message about what you have to say on a special day through the cards when arranged and reveal the surprise of a handmade portrait.


If you are still thinking, is a portrait a good gift? It is one of the best gifts you could ever give to your loved one, as it is unique and exclusive.

There is no other piece like it in the entire world, and it depicts your feelings and emotions. And the artisans at Fabus Frames make your unique photos and moments come alive. Suppose you want to be always on the mind of your loved one, gift a custom handmade painting that is timeless and inspires coming generations. Why wait now to reveal your deepest feelings?

You can place a portrait order online in India or all over the word for your custom handmade painting and surprise your special people.

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