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Turn Your Photo Into Family Portraits

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A few days back, I was going through my childhood albums. There were so many pictures of funny moments, family gatherings, outings, etc. At that moment, I realized how it would be to give those memories to my loved ones on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, inaugurations, etc. They would love the revival of those moments. But in what form?

Everyone wishes to dive into their long-gone memories. Whether they relate to a person or some special moments, we all wish to treasure and relive our memories forever. 

Although it is not practical to bring back the old times, you can still revive all those memories. How? Simply by capturing that moment in the form of Family Portrait Paintings.

Memorial Drawings or memorial portrait paintings are the means to do so. Portrait paintings are the vintage form of storing memories in frames. Fabus Frames paints your precious life moments in the form of beautiful lively paintings. 

Portrait Painting is a painting genre where the intent is to present a specific human subject and depict the essence of emotions. 

As Aristotle once said, “ The aim of Art is to present not the outward appearance of things, but their inner significance; for this, not the external manner and detail, constitutes true reality.”

Fabus Frames paints the portraits so lively so that those moments or a particular person come back to your life. It is difficult to differentiate between the real picture/ moment and the portrait paintings. You can also get a single-family portrait from multiple photos, a custom portrait from multiple photos, adding a photo of a lost loved one in a family picture etc.

Basic Types of  Portrait Paintings

  1. Full Length: As the name suggests, there is a full-body picture in the portrait along with the background of the subject, a blend of beautiful colours and strokes. These types of portraits can be used to give a full family drawings/pictures.
  1. Half-length: A portrait painted with the upper half of the body is a half-length portrait painting. This type of painting is fairly common today.
  1. Bust View: A Bust view portrait focuses on the above shoulder part- the head and neck. You can present this portrait on the occasion of your dear one’s birthday. They would love to see the beautiful artistic painting by Fabus Frames.
  1. Tronie: This type of portrait depicts normal, natural and candid human expressions. It can be drawn with a water paintbrush and pencil drawing also. The talented artists at Fabus Frames draw realistic expressions on the canvas in such a way that the people and memories come alive.

How does Fabus Frames Work?

Fabus Frames works with some of the renowned best artists. They follow simple and user friendly way for quick and easy delivery of customer’s orders-

acrylic handmade portrait
  • You can place your order on their website.
  • You will receive an order confirmation through whatsapp/e-mail.
  • They will send a preview design for your approval. This is the best part. You can suggest any changes, color combinations etc. and get it customized as per your choice.
  • After you are satisfied with the design and grant your approval, they will ship the paintings/frames to the address mentioned.

There are several other forms of paintings that you can choose at Fabus Frames like Acrylic Handmade Portrait, Digital Art to Photo etc. and gift to your dear ones to cherish the golden joyous moments.


  1. How much does a family portrait painting cost?

      Ans. The price range of portrait paintings is Rs. 700- Rs. 8400, depending on the type and size of paintings you choose.

2. What makes a good Portrait Painting?

     Ans. A good portrait painting is one that reveals the essence of the person/group/situation.

3. What is the purpose of Portrait Paintings?

     Ans. The intention behind the Portrait Painting was to record the appearance of some person, to display the likeness, personality, and even the mood of the person.

Need More Details? You can chat with Fabus Frames customer executive on WhatsApp. Please Click Here.