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Capture the Joyful Moments With Custom Baby Portraits

Do you remember the moment when your baby first looked at you and smiled? Or when they first talked? Or the time you took them out for their first ride? Well, we do forget memories as time passes. But, at Fabus, we help create everlasting memories. Hurry and get the moments of your baby framed!

Turn a fleeting moment of happiness into an everlasting memory of joy. Transform the adorable picture of your baby into something more special with custom baby portraits. The tiny humans grow up faster and soon will be walking and going to school. The few years till they become Preschoolers are always cherished by parents, no matter how difficult it might be.

Custom baby portraits make sure that you will always remember the glee of your child, or the curious stare with the mouth wide open or that naughty face that you always love.

baby portrait drawing

At Fabus, we guarantee the life like portraits of your loved being, that will not diminish with time. With our creativity and expertise, we will give love to our customers. Be it the one day old or the three years old picture, it’s never too soon nor late to get the custom portraits of your baby.

What to do?

All you have to do is send a clear picture of your baby! After choosing a photo, send it to us and we will have your custom baby portraits hanging on your wall in no time. Add a quote or emoji for more jazz.

Digital Photo to Art

We have a range of varied options to choose from as the medium of painting. The custom baby portrait can be a pencil drawing, or hand made painting like watercolor portrait, acrylic handmade drawing or digital photo to art.

Why Fabus Frames?

  • Our artists are exceptionally talented.
  • We frame the design for shipping only after your approval.
  • We use a ¾ or 1 Inch black frame with a Wall hook and table stand.
  • Get free premium gift wrapping.
  • We deliver your orders within 6-12 days.

As the babies grow up, they will not have clear memories of their infant ages. They might not remember the pranks they played or the joy they spread. But their portraits are a great way to remind them of their carefree childhood days.

Gifts for birthdays

Handmade Portrait Gifts Custom Baby Portraits

Gift babies framed memories on their birthdays from Fabus. We capture the essence and seize the emotions into the art. Art is timeless, so will the memories be. Be it for the birthday of your own kid, or your niece or nephew, make their childhood memorable with custom baby portrait drawings.

Gift of Happiness

There are no specific occasions for gifting. Every day is a celebration of the blessing of the child. Gift a beautiful portrait painting and discover the reasons to smile. Frame the picture of the child with the parents or grandparents.

Contact Us

Check out our portrait gallery before placing your order. Chat with us over Whatsapp for more details. We assure you our 100% support.

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