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3 Best Anniversary Gifts for Wife under 3500

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Are you worried about the anniversary gift for your wife? But what is that one thing which would make her smile on this special day? Is this thought making you run out of ideas?

Searching for the best anniversary gifts for wife on a budget? Fret not, for you we have covered everything you need but A PERFECT WEDDING GIFT.

Finding a gift can be a tricky task for some while for others it is all about gifting memories to be cherished forever. Because the emotions attached to the gifts matter more than the price of the gift. We are left with our judgments to choose a perfect gift for a wife and that too for the anniversary. We all know finding gifts and shopping sounds so annoying to all the husbands out there.
But don’t worry, this is what you have signed up for.
To make your task easier, here is the list of best anniversary gifts under 3500 that you can gift to your wife and save your delicious meals and months as well(otherwise you would be getting burnt bread and black tea) XD
Jump straight into the ideas of the best anniversary gifts for a wife under 3500.

3 Best Anniversary Gifts for wife under 3500

1. Digital Art

Ever thought of gifting your wife digital art? Well, not many people think beyond a photo frame, so did you?
Digital Illustrations are becoming quite popular among the crowd. The simple, clean, minimalist, and abstract picture says more than detailing. It has a deeper meaning in it.
For all those people who have the knack of gifting unique surprise gifts to their lovely wives, Digital Art is going to be the best anniversary gift for your wife. It is not costly though. You can get it under INR 3500 depending upon the frame you are choosing.
So, surprise your wife by putting your couple’s digital art frame on the wall of your room. Let her know that your love for her is unexplainable.

Photo Frame Gift best wedding anniversary gift for wife

2. Photo to Art

In childhood, you must have converted your photo into artwork by putting different gradients and color tones. Thinking of gifting a similar masterpiece to your wife on your anniversary?You can. But the best advice is not to test it on your own.

Fabus Frames is here to get it done perfectly for you. You can customize your couple’s photo into artwork and gift it to your wife.

The best part is you can add customized messages too. These Artworks are available at an affordable price starting at just INR 700.

Visit to get your customized artwork today.

Surprise Anniversary Gift Options for Husband Watercolor Painting

3. Charcoal/Pencil Sketches

Charcoal/ Pencil Sketches will never go out of fashion. You must have seen people making realistic sketches while visiting fairs. And you are amazed by their talent. But you didn’t have enough pocket money to get one for yourself?
We are sure that you tried searching for that person again. Don’t worry, there are still many platforms available to make a charcoal sketch of your dreams. The price of these sketches varies according to the size of the frame and the style of the sketch. Some artists charge based on the number of visible body parts such as the face, hands, or full coverage in a single frame. Therefore, you can select the type you want in your charcoal sketch.
This is the most perfect gift for an anniversary under 3500. Because love can’t be measured in the strokes of black and white but in the depth of every line it has.

Unique Anniversary Gift Options for wife

Thus Concluding,
The gift is neither expensive nor cheap. It depends upon the emotions it carries and the smile your loved ones get. So, here we have given you the 3 best gift ideas for your anniversary. Surprise your life partner with the colorful and beautiful strokes of art, defining your love for them.
Happy Anniversary!

Need More Details? You can chat with Fabus Frames customer executive on WhatsApp.  

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Need More Details? You can chat with Fabus Frames customer executive on WhatsApp.  

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